b'About Small Modular ReactorsA small modular reactor is a nuclear fission reactor with power-generating capacity under 300 megawatts. About one-third to one-fourth the size of a traditional nuclear energy plant, SMRs feature compact, simplified designs with advanced safety features and take advantage of the benefits from repetitive factory fabrication of the SMR. SMRs can be used for electricity production or to provide process heatfor industrial applications such as district heating or desalination. Large power reactors:How SMRs work ~1,500 acresLike any fission reactor, an SMR uses energy from a controlled nuclearchain reaction to create steam that powers a turbine to produceelectricity. Advanced SMR designs span a range of sizes andtechnology options. Some use light water as a coolant whileothers rely on coolants such as a gas, liquid metal ormolten salt. Some SMRs would use fuel akinto what runs todays nuclear reactors,while others would use new types of fuels.Smallmodular reactors:~50 acres11'