b'Nuclear power plants generate heat through Steam LineCooling towers A nuclear \x1fssion. The process begins in the reactorReactor building 1 core. Atoms are split apartreleasing energyand producing heat as they separate into smallerTurbine building A Control building atoms. The process repeats again and again Controlledthrough a fully controlled chain reaction. nuclear chainAnnex building Containment reactionSwitchyard Turbine 2 Control rods made of neutron-absorbing Vesselmaterial are inserted into the core tobulding B regulate the chain reaction.Warehouse ReactorVesselParking CreatesReactor coolant water removes heat from the3 reactor core. Reactor coolant pumps circulate steamthis hot water through a steam generator, whichconverts water in a secondary loop into steam.Radwastebuilding SteamISFSI 4 The steam drives a turbine, Generator Powers a(dry cask storage) which generates electricity.Administration turbinebuilding Control RodsCoolingProtected towers B 5 Throughout the process, the pressurizer keeps Nuclear Corethe reactor coolant water under higharea fence pressure to prevent it from boiling. Produceselectricity13'