b'Attributes of NuScale Powers SMR:ScalableModular FlexibleReliableCan be scaled to suitReactor modules areGenerates clean, carbon-Just like other sources of a locations generationmanufactured in thefree electricity and alsobaseload energy, SMRs needs and infrastructurefactory and shipped to theheat, a necessary ingredi- can produce electricity such as availablesite, substantially reducingent for industrial chemical24/7 and be ramped up or transmission line capacity.costs and constructionprocesses to make plasticsdown based on demand.Units can be added astime. and other materials for demand increases.consumer goods.AdaptableEnergyEnhanced Complements ConcentrationSafety other clean energyPacks a lot of energy punch in a relatively smallIncludes passive safety sources such as wind andfootprint. The proposed 720 MWe NuScale SMR features that rely on solar. Pairing SMRs withwould have a 35-acre footprint, while a traditionalthe laws of physics to renewables can ensurenuclear plant generating the same amount of electricityshut down and cool the emission-free energy iswould require nearly 600 acres.* reactor during abnormal always available. conditions.*According to NEI, a typical nuclear plant requires 1.3 square miles per 1,000 MW. 15'