b'Project TimelineApril NRC completes theDecemberVOTE!The Utah Associated Municipal$16.7 MILLION first and most intensive phase ofDOE, UAMPS and Battelle EnergyUAMPS members vote on Power Systems proposes buildingreview for NuScale Powers designAlliance sign a memorandum ofthe final notice to proceed a 12-module NuScale SMRDOE awards $16.7 million to NuScale for theNuScale submits its designcertification application. It is the firstunderstanding to use two of the CFPPto construction. The first generating plant at a locationpreparation of a combined construction andcertification application toSMR application to undergo review andmodules. One will be designated formodule is expected to within DOEs Idaho Nationaloperating license application for the UAMPS the U.S. Nuclear Regulatoryrepresents a major step forward for thisresearch and development and the otherachieve commercial Laboratory Site. project. Commission. new class of nuclear technology. may be used to provide power to INL. operation in 2026.2014 2015 2016 2018 2018 20238'