b'O V E R V I E W O F T H E L A B O R A T O R Y P L A N 2 0 1 9thermal energyis rooted in the Laboratorys expertise in nuclear energy. INL integrates nuclear and other energy sources (wind, solar, biomass, hydro, and fossil) in systems that achieve secure,Dr. Fushimis group reliable, and resilient solutions. INL seeksis using the Temporal to expand the role of nuclear energy,Analysis of Products optimize thermodynamic and financialreactor system to efficiency through systems integration,understand how and produce reliable, resilient, affordable,chemically active and sustainable energy services andsurfaces control multistep reactions at commodities. RD&D and partnerships withthe molecular level.federal agencies, national laboratories, and industry facilitate the Laboratorys effortsL D R D S U CC E S S S TO RY to achieve these goals. Exploiting the distinctive characteristicsThe addition of the Temporal Analysis of Products reactor system through of nuclear energy products allows increased flexibility of nuclear power. ToLDRD distinguished INL with unique capabilities and established its that end, INLs RD&D is focused on: leadership in transient kinetic characterization. This work has created Supporting industrial processes andthe opportunity to introduce the transient kinetic tool in new application grid infrastructure by demonstrating the generation, storage, delivery, andareas beyond catalysis such as battery and fuel cell electrodes, use of high-quality energy productsmembranes, gas storage materials, and chemical sensors.Balancing generation and consumption to improve the stability and economics of power systems by coordinating the use of nuclear and intermittent energy sourcesmaterial products at the commodity Managing the risk and complexityscale by using thermal and electrical associated with coordinated andenergy from clean and low-tightly coupled local energy systemsemissions energy resources by designing, optimizing, andDemonstrating the integration of advancing rapid, cyber-informednuclear and other energy systems at system-monitoring capabilities,scale to include an integrated energy big-data analytics, data storage, andsystem demonstration at a utility cybersecure control systemspartners current fleet LWR and the Creating, separating, controlling,Joint Use Modular Plant. and manipulating chemical and S P OT L I G H T Through collaborations with DOE laboratories, universities, and private-public partnerships, INL is demonstrating the viability of integrated energy systems and energy-storage system solutions.A collaboration between INL and the Blue Lake Rancheria Native American reservation delivered a microgrid using decentralized energy resources and intelligent software. The project received POWERGRID Internationals 2018 Project of the Year for Distributed Energy Resource Integration. 15'