b'O V E R V I E W O F T H E L A B O R A T O R Y P L A N 2 0 1 9O P E R A T I O N A L E X C E L L E N C EI NLs mission and RD&D rely heavily on the operation of test beds and major user facilities with many distinctive nuclear, national security, and energy and environment capabilities, including reactor and nonreactor nuclear and radiological facilities, and the expansive 890-square-mile Site. Largest among the DOE nationalThe Remote-Handled laboratory campuses, the INL Site hasLow-Level Waste facilities and infrastructure distributed(RHLLW) facility provides across a wide geographical area. Sitewidethe sustained capability to dispose of RHLLW, utilities and supporting infrastructureensuring continued consist primarily of roads, railroads, poweroperations for DOE-NE distribution systems, and communicationand Naval Reactors systems. The maintenance and operationmissions at INL.of these utilities and infrastructure aim to serve and connect campuses andS P OT L I G H Tfacilities that accommodate thousands of people, including employees, facility users,INL maximizes its indirect and direct facility and equipment investments subcontractors and others on a daily basis. Sustaining and operating essentialfrom DOE, DoD, and public-private partnerships to enable its S&T strategy and infrastructure and full-scale capabilities,advance its core capabilities.while effectively supporting employees and collaborators, requires dedication to provide world-class operational support and management systems.Optimize cost management for Instilling a trust culture, establishingtransparent and efficient planning simple and efficient processes andand decision processes that enable a systems, integrating safety and securitymulti-tenant research parkprograms, and revitalizing and buildingSustain, modernize, and establish key infrastructure and RD&D spacesnew infrastructure capabilities that across the Labs complex are paramountprovide safe, secure, sustainable, to INL. Through these initiatives,and efficient facilities to meet INL is invigorating its infrastructure,current and future mission needscapabilities, systems, and processes to achieve excellence in LaboratoryAchieve leadership in safety to operations and enable its vital RD&D:promote cutting-edge S&T, protect Transform how INL performs andthe environment, and ensure the manages work by streamlining andhealth and safety of staff, visitors, improving processes, integratingand the publicrequirements, offering seamlessAdvance INLs stewardship of its access to support services, andenvironmental legacy with an providing timely information andefficient and integrated program automated analytical tools for the management of radioactive Build INLs future workforce ofmaterials, including the disposition inclusively diverse top-tier talentof past and future waste and UNFwithin a high-performing andAdvance INLs security with an collaborative work environment effective and integrated program Modernize and mature INLfor protecting nuclear materials, information systems and services toinformation, infrastructure,18 foster and improve S&T outcomes and people.'