b'Capabilities ONE LAB \x1fS T R AT E G I C P L A NAdvanced computer science, visualizationApplied materials scienceONE STRATEGYand engineeringChemical and molecular scienceChemical engineeringCondensed matter physicsIand materials science DCyber and information sciences ADecision science and analysis HLarge-scale user facilities/R&DO Goal 1:facilities/advanced instrumentation N Strengthen the domestic Mechanical design and engineering A commercial nuclear energy Nuclear and radiochemistry T enterpriseNuclear engineering I OPower systems and electricalN GRANDGoal 2:engineering A CHALLENGE:Enable United States Systems engineering and integration L Paradigm shift inleadership in globalSTRATEGICInfrastructure NS&T DIRECTORATE:application ofnuclear energy markets Advanced Test Reactor L Synthesize capabilities,nuclear powerINTENT:ACollaborative Computing Center B infrastructure, systems Goal 3: Enable nuclearCybercore Integration Center O investments, andExpand and deploysustainment Energy Systems Laboratory R national nuclear energyand expanded Materials and Fuels ComplexA initiatives to meetGRANDstrategic assetsTransient Reactor Test (TREAT) Facility T goals and grand CHALLENGE:deployment and Versatile Test Reactor (underO Goal 4: advance integrateddevelopment) R challenges Accelerated nuclear Y materials discoveryExpand impact fuel cycle solutionsInitiatives C and quali\x1fcation across marketsNuclear Reactor Sustainment andOExpanded Deployment M Goal 5:Integrated Fuel Cycle Solutions B Create the next-generation Advanced Materials and I research organizationManufacturing for ExtremeNEnvironments EIntegrated Energy Systems D AMERICAN Secure and Resilient Cyber- APhysical Systems SPartnerships S NUCLEAR FUTUREEAcademia TIndustry SLaboratoriesInternational Stakeholders13'