b'S T R AT E G I C P L A Nfor interim storage; and develop management and technology options to ensure the safe, secure, and economic management of the existing and future inventory of civilian and defense used nuclear fuel and high-level radioactive waste, including accident tolerant and high-burnup fuels.2) Long-term storage options. Provide technical and programmatic leadership to enable fact-based policy decisions and strategy options for long-term used fuel repositories.FY 2020-2021 KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Complete and bring operational the integratedenergy systems testing laboratory.Enable commercial deployment of accident tolerantfuels, including necessary irradiation campaigns.Develop the conceptual design for a digital safetyrelated Reactor Protection System (RPS) with a commercial nuclear utility and NRC to support a decision on a license amendment request for an analog RPS system replacement.Develop the end-state approach and strategy forplantwide modernization at operating commercial nuclear plants that enable broad transformation of the plant operating business model.Engage nuclear plant owner-operators todemonstrate and develop the scale-up of integrated energy systems and thermally integrated systems for production of nonelectrical products from the operating fleet. 17'