b'2020 - 2025Goal 2Enable United States Leadership in Global Nuclear Energy MarketsA s the U.S. enters the seventh decade of commercialin developing the foundations of the next phase of U.S. nuclear energy, we are faced with a dramatically changedengagements in these markets. competitive and market climate from that of the past.The NS&T directorate will help create the advanced Today, U.S. industries and innovators are among a growingreactor future and necessary fuel cycle options to lead this number of competitors engaged in a global market projectednext phase of nuclear energy markets. The directorate will to be valued at $2.6 trillion over the coming two decades.provide thought leadership, disruptive technologies, and As the commercial nuclear energy industry has matured, theapproaches that leverage broad technological innovation diminished competitive position of U.S.-sourced nuclearfrom outside the nuclear markets to develop and validate the energy systems across the global supply chain has not beentechnologies and approaches that will create new markets unexpected; as markets mature and supply chains globalize,for nuclear science and technology-based systems. These national dominance often gives way to niche specializationmarkets will extend beyond advanced systems for baseload and focus on niche markets. Just as the national laboratorieselectricity to make practical a number of applications with played a substantial role in developing the early technologicalsystems that exhibit unmatched resilience and safety and are foundations of what is today a mature market, the nationaleconomical to build and operate. These efforts will provide laboratories will need to play an equally important rolea robust pipeline of advanced nuclear energy technologies. Image: NuScale18'