b'2020 - 2025ADVANCED REACTOR FUTURE AT IDAHO NATIONAL LABORATORYImage: NuScale2023 2025 2026 2026 2030Microreactor (10MW)Microreactors Small Modular Reactors Versatile Test Reactor Non-LWR advanced demonstration by early 2023 deployed (SMRs) operating by 2026 (VTR) operating by 2026 demonstration reactor by 2030Resolve key advancedSupport deployment for keyEnable deployment throughEstablish fast-spectrumDemonstrate non-LWR reactor issues remote site power andsiting and technical support testing and fueltechnology replacement of Open new markets forprocess heat customers Joint Use Modular Plant fordevelopment capability U.S. baseload clean power nuclear energy RD&D to enable broaderfederal RDD&D Supported by microreactorcapacityProvide a win to builddeployment demonstrationpositive momentum Support non-LWR advanced reactor demonstrationFY 2020-2021 KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORSEstablish the framework and begin execution of the Nuclear Materials Discovery and Qualification Initiative, includingdirect funding capture, indirect investment strategy, and establishing first-year emphases and projects.Establish the framework, partnerships, and research emphases for and begin to execute the Fission Battery Initiative.Establish national repository to capture and disseminate new and historical reactor and fuels data and knowledge. Complete first phase of High-Assay Low-Enriched Uranium (HALEU) extraction, execute opportunity for industry toobtain HALEU for testing and demonstration of microreactors.Engage broadly and partner with select industrial firms to design a mobile microreactor for military use. Assist Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Defense (DOD) in designing and establishing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)-directed microreactor pilot project.Plan and develop bases for at least one global nuclear innovation leadership forum, a workshop-based event focused onone of the INL signature core competencies.Complete first non-nuclear microreactor test bed thermal test of a test article with integrated heat pipe(s) and structuralcore.22'