b'S T R AT E G I C P L A NGoal 3Expand and Deploy National Nuclear Energy Strategic AssetsD eployment of new nuclear technologies and techniquesresearch assets, will provide the business model and generally requires extensive testing and validation atorganizing principle to steward and deploy INLs national various scales, including at full scale. Validation ofnuclear energy strategic assets. As we move to establish performance envelope; establishing the bases for regulatoryU.S. competitive advantage in future nuclear technology approaches, assessment, and validation of operationalmarkets and to respond to national security needs characteristics and materials performance; and otherinvolving nuclear fuel cycle issues, NRIC and Gateway for experimentally based or experimentally validated parametersAccelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) will collaborate rely on access to specialty assets such as nuclear materials,in synthesizing these assets into deployable solutions and facilities, and expertise. Enabling innovative designimpactful programs while efficiently engaging a variety verification may also require special materials not readilyof public and private sector stakeholders. Under this available. INL and NS&T serve a key role in providing theseumbrella, NS&T will leverage these assets to establish capabilities. NRIC as a global destination for nuclear energy innovation, NRIC, encompassing key INL capabilities anddemonstration, and data sharing. In a sense, we will be going infrastructures including MFC, ATR, TREAT, Energyback to the future to develop the next-generation national Systems Laboratory (ESL), C3, and nonproliferationreactor testing station, including infrastructures, expertise, and modern business and engagement models.23'