b'S T R AT E G I C P L A NGoal 5Create the Next-Generation Research OrganizationC hanges in U.S. and global nuclear markets and inIt is the intent of NS&T to develop an exceptionally high-national policy are influencing changes in the programperformance organizational cultureone that emphasizes priorities and opportunities of INL and NS&T.innovation and impact through science-based engineering Combining these changes with the accelerating shift in theresearch; builds a research culture appropriate for a national generational demographic across the directorate, NS&Tlaboratory of the future; focuses on meaningful research will have the challenge and opportunity to create theoutcomes; and fosters professional growth, excellence, and organizational foundation of the next two decades. The waydiversity of thought while valuing the inextricable link the directorate approaches talent growth and developmentbetween research operations safety and research quality asthe research and operations cultures created and fostered,the foundation paramount to our success in enhancing U.S. and the priorities and emphases that are enabled andinterests.rewardedwill form the foundation of this directorates future for many years to come.29'