b'Key Outcome 5.1:build meaningful research partnerships, and demonstrate Culture of Impact Through Innovation and laboratory leadership in nuclear science and technology. Research Excellence 4) Business of research to advance research. Provide research and support professionals with training, tools, and Target challenges: processes that dramatically improve success in and reduce 1)Recognition. Encourage, invest in, and incentivizecosts of research capture and impact recognition. This professional and research recognition for all professions throughincludes the capture management approach to identifying national and international awards, professional outreach, broad- and prioritizing opportunities, investing in development, impact publications, and other recognition paths.divestiture management, engaging customers, and effectively 2) Impact. Seek, invest in, incentivize, and recognizecommunicating. research, business, and operations activities that make5) Work environment and culture. From each other, measurable and notable positive impact worthy of nationalexpect and encourage an atmosphere of innovation, laboratory effort. Focus on and communicate the mission ofintellectual honesty, professional debate, personal respect, this national laboratory in all that we do.mutual support, and openness. Expect that individuals are 3) Thought leadership. Encourage, incentivize, and investresponsible for their own safety, and also the safety of others.in pushing the envelope in applied technology research,6) Research excellence. Establish standards and enable reaching for game-changing approaches, and thinkingresearchers in meeting the highest standards for quality, beyond traditional bounds; develop signature events (e.g.,engagement, open debate, honesty, and integrity, and seminars, named intern programs, sabbaticals, internationalencourage all to hold each other accountable in meeting the events) that spark creativity and innovative thinking,standards of research excellence.Principles of Our Strong Research Culture1.All employees are engaged in the success of the science andtechnology mission.2.An environment of creativity, inquisitiveness, and constant questioning is fostered.3.The highest level of scientific integrity is expected.4. Staff aspire to generate scientific products at the forefront of their field.5.Scientific successes are celebrated and actively promoted.6.Scientific failure is valued as a mode of learning.7.Professional development and mentoring are encouraged and valued.8.Diversity of backgrounds, an inclusive environment, andteamwork lead to innovation.9.Independent input and review are sought and valued toimprove research quality and impact.10.ur research tools and facilities are recognized globally as O unique and state of the art in our fields of study.30'