b'2020 - 2025IMPLEMENTING FRAMEWORKN S&T will implement a one-directorate managementInvestment approach: Objective-based investment, approach, leveraging programs and investments acrosstargeting strategic outcomes and goals outlined in this directorate organizational boundaries to most efficientlyplan, will be coordinated at the directorate level through and effectively meet the impact targets conveyed in thisthe BDS function and implemented through the divisions, plan. This one-directorate approach will incorporate severalLaboratory Directed Research and Development (LDRD) features, including: program leadership, and program development leadership. Management: The directorate leadership team will beThis approach includes evaluating the investment avenues, responsible for setting strategy, prioritizing and assigningdirect and indirect, that can be leveraged to achieve a resources and investment, and monitoring progress ingiven objective or goal; level of investment required; meeting directorate goals using a business development andtiming of the investment; potential strategic benefits and strategy (BDS) organization function. The BDS function andimpact; progress toward goals, where appropriate; and approach will synthesize and integrate planning, investment,other criteria. Direct program activities, talent activities, and directorate business performance analysis as an aid toand indirect investment mechanisms (professional execution through the division lines of authority and providedevelopment, program development, strategic hiring, a means to ensure progress toward meeting goals.LDRD, and other) are considered an integrated package to leverage together to efficiently enable success in Planning: Research and business targets will be developedmeeting the established goals. The BDS approach will yearly and updated quarterly, with this plan as a guide. Toalso consider ideas for advanced concepts or blue-sky achieve the greatest return (financial, intellectual, talent,ideas and approaches, and weigh evolving opportunities, and impact), a substantial emphasis will be placed onmarkets, and needs not identifiedimplementing an integrated planning process that builds onin this plan.leverage between organizational units within the directorate, and between the directorates. Elements of this directorate plan will be prioritized and assigned leads responsible for execution and delivery, and coordination with the directorate leadership team. Division and initiative strategy and execution plans will identify how elements of the directorate plan will be delivered. Delivery planning and progress tracking will be coordinated through the BDS function and will inform investment planning. Planning and prioritization will include assessment of potential for relevance and impact of a given activity in meeting the directorate goals, knowledge of current and potential customer andstakeholder needs, directorate strengths, and near- andlong-term impact potential. 32'