b'2020 - 2025BUILDING ON THE PASTLEADING THE FUTUREGermany SlovakiaNetherlands RussiaUnited Kingdom Sweden FinlandCanada HungaryBelgium UkraineFrance Slovenia RomaniaUnited States Bulgaria Armenia Republic of KoreaSpain IranPakistan JapanSwitzerland31 Mexico Czech Republic United Arab Emirates India China TaiwanCOUNTRIES BrazilToday, 31 countriesplus Taiwan deploy commercial nuclearArgentina South Africaenergy.1957 Present 2040GLOBAL 2.8B 7.6B 9.0BPOPULATIONNUCLEAR 1 Nuclear technology is new,449 449 reactors,Asymmetric global growth in base-novel technology; First U.S.31 countries,load commercial nuclear energy while TECHNOLOGY commercial power plant at398 GWe,markets expand as nuclear powers Shippingport, PA, comes online 11% of global generation more industry and nonbaseload operationsCONSUMPTION primary energyprimary energy736 primary energy ENERGY 130 quads global575 quads globalquads global consumption consumption consumptionU.S. GDP $3,000 $62,641 $90,000PER CAPITAGlobal trade accelerates;Globally integrated supply chainsGlobal partnerships powering nuclearU.S. ROLE America dominates emerging necessary for competitive position;supply chain; American dominance in commercial nuclear markets multiple national market innovation, fuels, operationso\x1ferings for reactorsGLOBAL America leads the creation ofRapid growth in emergingMarkets for nuclear energy expand to megacities, MARKET international standards andmarkets; global supply chainindustrial, and niche applications as importance norms for nuclear energy estimated at $2.6T/20 years of secure, zero-carbon energy is realized6'