b'S T R AT E G I C P L A NCORE STRATEGIES AND DIFFERENTIATORSA s the steward of the nations most complete nuclear fueland performance limitations and characteristics. These well-cycle operations and research assets (fuel cycle beingestablished engineering research abilities place our laboratory defined holistically) including infrastructure, materials,in an exceptionally well-defined position to advance U.S. and talent, INL is exceptionally well differentiated; we arenuclear energy technology competitiveness. the nuclear energy research laboratory for the United States. Building on this base of differentiation, the NS&T Our laboratory integrates these assets with a seven-decade- directorate incorporates six core strategies into its approach long culture and capacity for exceptional engineering researchto nuclear energy science and technology innovation. at scale, creating a world-class ability to generate knowledgeBy incorporating these core strategies into our research necessary to advance, innovate, and assess nuclear energyemphases, NS&T is able to address key challenges that limit technologies and applications. INL possesses the ability tothe full potential for nuclear technologies to enhance U.S. develop and integrate new fuels and materials, technologies,competitiveness and security. These core strategies include:and approaches into thoughtfully instrumented and controlled experiments and prototypes; develop the science, technology, and infrastructure to support the safe, secure, and economic management of nuclear fuel from manufacturingNS&T Key Differentiatorto disposition; provide the validated computational toolsN S&T is the nations nuclear energy research leader and a to predict performance; validate performance envelopesnational leader in at-scale engineering research used to through at-scale experimentation; and use the resultingestablish technology performance bases.knowledge to guide development to improve the science and technology, reduce or retire risks associated with technology uncertainty, and inform regulators and stakeholders of risks 7'