b'Licensing Highlights In Fiscal Year 2019, INLs department of Technology DeploymenteRECOV modified or entered new licensing agreements with 85 partners .INL has entered into agreements with two separate companies At the end of the fiscal year, INL had more than 330 activefor the Electrochemical Recycling Electronic Constituents of licenses on technologies with patents, copyright assertions orValue (eRECOV) technology . These agreements will allow them open source software rights held by INL researchers . Licenseesto continue to build commercial operations while implementing include domestic and foreign business, universities, laboratories,the technologywhich incorporates an electrochemical cell to governments and other industry partners .efficiently dissolve metals from devices and reclaim both precious New licensing activities during FY 2014-2019 metals and valuable elements into their flow sheets .100806040200201420152016201720182019CopyrightPatentOSS Licenses executed in FY 2019:State/Local U.S. Government1Small Business11U.S.UniversityNational LabForeign 21Large Business 13 716Small Business Large Business14 11 Foreign16Not-for-pro\x1ft College/University1 14Other federal agency1eRECOV can efficiently dissolve and reclaim precious metals and other valuable elements from used electronic devices.8'