b'MOOSE ToolsetPRISM The MOOSE toolset of codesRattlesnake, Sockeye, MammothThe PRISM software has implications across fields including and Grizzlywill be used for the code-coupled modelingmedicine, biology, engineering and physics by providing a volume and analysis of the Westinghouse eVinci heat-pipe reactor .visualizer capable of rendering large scale datasets everyday Additionally, MOOSE toolset codes are used separately and incommodity hardware . This implementation is open source and conjunction across a wide variety of projects nationally andworks on a wide range of visualization devices .internationally, totaling dozens of active license agreements .Rancor Rancor, a simplified simulator to collect human reliability analysis data, is being validated with a group of reactor operators affiliated with Chosun University with experience in digital control rooms . This validation will allow Rancor to support HRA and licensing for a new generation of plants in the United States that feature digital control rooms and open the door to using Rancor to support data collection at U .S . universities . RELAP5-3D Version 4 of RELAP5-3D is in use with dozens of national and international licensees, including nuclear safety organizations, universities, industry looking to commercialize reactors and more . Primarily used for analysis of potential accidents and transients in water-cooled nuclear power plants and for the analysis of advanced reactor systems, RELAP5-3D is one of the most heavily licensed software within DOE .Sophia Sophia is a flexible, passive tool designed to protect industrial control systems (ICS) by collecting data and developing a software fingerprint used to represent normal secure operations . Sophia constantly monitors network traffic through packet capture and extracts source, destination, and conversations among components, notifying users for any abnormal activity . The software was protected via multiple copyrights and a patent filing which were subsequently licensed to NexDefense, and then upon acquisition by Dragos, the license agreement was assigned to Dragos .RELAP5-3D is one of the most heavily licensed software within DOE.9'