b'High Temperature Next Generation Compact Heat*Neutron Spectrum Generator, $75,000Exchanger Development Using Additive ManufacturingPrincipal Investigator: Wade Scates, Nuclear Science & TechnologyTechniques with Embedded Sensor Capability, $150,000Principal Investigator: Isabella van Rooyen, Nuclear Science &Topic 2 winners:Technology Application of Advanced Preprocessing Technologies for Partner: NuScale Biopower and Biobased Products, $300,000Advanced Flow Meter for Extreme Environments (AFMEE),Principal Investigator: Jaya Tumuluru, Energy & Environment $100,000 Science & TechnologyPrincipal Investigator: Piyush Sabharwall, Nuclear Science &Partner: Lignetics, Inc .Technology Highly Dynamic Electronic Work Instructions for Partner: MicroNuclear Advanced Reactors, $750,000*Rapid Field Chemical Detection Method of Actinides,Principal Investigator: Johanna Oxstrand, Nuclear Science & $42,500 TechnologyPrincipal Investigator: Catherine Riddle, Nuclear Science &Partner: GSE SystemsTechnology*Scintillation Hydro-Gel for Isotopic Neutron Emitters* Project uses IDF funds(SHINE) Neutron Detection Material for Nuclear Reactor Monitoring Systems, $37,500Principal Investigator: Catherine Riddle, Nuclear Science & Technology11'