b'AbstractIdaho National Laboratory (INL) is a U .S . Department of EnergyThis report is a catalog of select INL technology transfer (DOE) multiprogram national laboratory that conducts researchactivities, including commercialization transactions and research and development in all DOE mission areas . Like all other nationalagreements executed during this past year . The size and diversity laboratories, INL has a statutory, technology transfer missionof INL technical resources, coupled with the large number to make its capabilities and technologies available to federalof relationships with other organizations, virtually ensures agencies, state and local governments, universities and industry .that a report of this nature will fail to capture all interactions . To fulfill this mission, INL encourages its scientific, engineering andRecognizing this limitation, this report focuses on transactions technical staff to disclose new inventions and creations to ensurethat are specifically authorized by technology transfer legislation the resulting intellectual property is captured, protected and(and corresponding contractual provisions) or involve the transfer made available to others who might benefit from it .of legal rights to technology to other parties . As part of the mission, intellectual property is licensed to industrialThis report was compiled from primary records that were readily partners for commercialization, job creation and delivering theavailable to the INLs Technology Deployment and Agreement benefits of federally funded technology to consumers . In someManagement offices . Accomplishments cataloged in the report cases, unique capabilities are made available to other federalreflect the achievements and creativity of the researchers, agencies, international organizations, domestic and foreigntechnicians, support staff and operators of the INL workforce . commercial entities or small businesses to solve specific technicalPrepared for the U.S. Department of Energy Under DOE challenges . INL employees work cooperatively with researchersIdaho Operations Officeand technical staff from the university and industrial sectors to further develop emerging technologies . In this global economy,Contract DE-AC07-05ID14517INL is contributing to the development of the next generation of engineers and scientists by licensing software to educational and industrial institutions throughout the world .1'