b'Intellectual Property OverviewThe Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio for INL includes inventionMarket assessments inform a recommendation presented to disclosure records, software disclosures, patent applications,a committee composed of department or project managers, issued patents and copyright assertions . INLs IP portfolio providesan assistant laboratory director or designee, market analysts, a basis for collaboration with commercial enterprises, academiacommercialization managers, and patent attorneys . The TD and other parties, both domestic and international . INLs science,director makes a final decision to elect or decline the technology engineering and technical IP portfolios provide the opportunityfor patent protection . Generally, potential inventions judged to be for the laboratory to deploy its creative, meaningful research .commercially valuable, crucial to a primary mission, or valuable in Technology Deployment (TD) works closely with INL managementterms of motivating further research funding, are elected . and researchers to identify and pursue opportunities forIf BEA decides to decline title, DOE can seek patent protection in technology commercialization and business development .its own name . If DOE decides not to seek patent protection, the In Fiscal Year 2019, INL inventors submitted to Battelle Energyinventor(s) may petition to have the title assigned to them by Alliance, LLC (BEA) 71 invention disclosure records (IDR) and 24DOE with the expectation that they will pursue patent protection software disclosures (SDR) . using their own resources .100In FY 19, 26 U .S . patents were issued to either INL or DOE basedDisclosure records received FY 20142019on the inventions of INL scientists and researchers .Since the commencement of BEAs contract to manage INL,80laboratory researchers have submitted over 1,500 disclosures, which have resulted in more than 550 issued U .S . patents . Over 1,000 new licenses have been executed over this period .60BEA has IP ownership rights under its contract with DOE and can elect to retain title to inventions and seek patent protection, subject to some exceptions . The decision of whether to seek40patent protection is based on market and technical assessments of the technology and its subsequent programmatic value .20Core competencies associated with FY 2019 patentsBiological0Systems Science 201420152016201720182019PlasmaApplied Materials1and Fusion Systems Engineering Science and IDR SDR Energyand Integration EngineeringScience 8 51Biological and 50Bioprocess Engineering U.S. patents issued FY 20142019Nuclear 5Engineering 340Chemical and Nuclear andMolecular ScienceRadiochemistry 6 305ChemicalEngineering 204Mechanical DesignCyber and and Engineering Information Sciences 103 202014201520162017201820192'