b'Copyright Assertion HighlightsCopyright is a legal right that grants the creators of original work, such as software, exclusive rights for its use and distribution . INL employees assign such rights to the company as a condition of employment . In accordance with BEAs contract with DOE, all rights are assigned to DOE unless BEA specifically requests authority to assert copyright . BEA requests the permission to assert copyright on software it intends to license via open source and traditional agreements .During FY 2019, INL received permission to assert copyright on seven software programs . Since 2005, INL has been authorized by DOE to assert copyright protection on more than 100 pieces of software .RELAP-7: Advanced Nuclear Reactor Systems Analysis Software Package The Reactor Excursion and Leak Analysis Program (RELAP-7) code is the next generation nuclear reactor system safety analysis . It takes advantage of the previous 30 years of advancements in computer architecture, software design, numerical methods and physical models in order to provide capabilities needed for the Risk Informed Safety Margin Characterization methodology and to support nuclear power plant safety analysis . Richard Martineau, David Andrs, John Peterson, Ling Zou,Cody Permann, Hongbin Zhang, Derek Gaston, Ray Berry, Frederick Gleicher, Javier Ortensi, Russell Johns, Joshua Hansel, Andrew Franklin, Robert CarlsenComputer Programs for Analysis of Thermally Reactive Tracer Tests in Geothermal Reservoirs Testing of geothermal energy resources for the identification of thermal change in a reservoir before they affect energy production . This software package provides not only tracer test planning and analysis tools, but also identifies tracers with suitable parameters and includes a suite of analysis programs . Mitchell PlummerAll Hazards AnalysisThe All Hazards Knowledge Framework (AHA) is a dynamic analytical framework that enables critical infrastructure knowledge discovery and decision support across five mission areas: prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery . AHA can store and model infrastructure systems as linked multigraphs, providing an intuitive representation that delivers a foundation to rapidly evaluate and understand potential consequences of disasters . Kent McGillivary, Kenneth Larsen, Michael Hoover6'