b'Committed to Diversity, InclusionLike the research that takes place Our University Partnerships team works to at INL, internships span a wideassure interns get a rewarding experience. range of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)Our efforts at creating the best experience fields, plus other importantfor students are paying off. disciplines in business and operations. INL internships are intended to build confidence, Dr. Mark Peters, INL directorintroduce students to possible career fields, and complement whatever they might be studyingmicrostructure on the mechanicalinstructor at Brigham Young in school. With regard to diversity,properties of U3Si2 fuel pellets.University-Idaho, teaching a INL is committed to doublingToday she is a Ph.D. student incomputer-aided drafting (CAD) the numbers of women andBSUs Micron School of Materialscourse.people of color who work at theScience and Engineering, andAngelica Petroviclab. Among newly hired internsalso an INL Graduate Fellow. An undergraduate at Idaho State funded in 2019 by INL contractorThe opportunities areUniversity majoring in psychology, Battelle Energy Alliance, 28.32%unparalleled, she said. StudentsAngelica Petrovic wasnt sure were female, 31.90% were peopleinterested in making importantwhat she would be doing when of color, 1.43% were veterans andcontributions to solvingshe was accepted as an INL 4.66% were people with disabilities.technological challenges shouldintern in May 2018. Since then, In line with previous years, morereally consider furthering theirshes become familiar with cyber than half of INLs postdoctoraleducation in materials scienceresilience, tracking and managing researchers are ethnic minorities. and engineering. Department of Homeland Intern Profiles Kevin Joe Terrill Security property, monitoring Jennifer Watkins Initially an intern and now pursu- Securities & Exchange Commission ing a doctorate in mechanicalfilings, and learning open-source Jennifer Watkins spent severalengineering at University of Idaho,HTML. These opportunities Ive years in a finance careerKevin Joe Terrill was one of twohad here, I would never have had before an encounter with Amyhomegrown Gem State highanywhere else, she said. Petrovic, Moll, dean of the College ofschool graduates to receive an23, moved to Idaho Falls with Engineering at Boise StateINL Graduate Fellowship. Terrill isher family in January 2017, from University, sparked an interest ininvolved with a multischoolApple Valley, California. When materials science. As an intern atproject focused on developinga friend persuaded her to seek INLs Materials & Fuels Complex,the nuclear codes for using Printedan internship, she had a vague Watkins assisted with the setupidea that INL was engaged in of instruments and facilities toCircuit Heat Exchangers (PCHE) innuclear research, but couldnt fabricate uranium silicide (U3Si2),industry. His segment of the projectsee what use there might be for a an accident-tolerant nuclearis to analyze fouling within thepsychology student. There are so fuel. She also has researchedPCHE for a super-critical carbonmany components here that you the effects of phase anddioxide cycle. He also is an onlinewould never expect, she said.2019 Annual Report| 8'