b'Graduate ResearchersKevin Terrill, INL Graduate FellowIn 2019, INL awarded graduateThe program offers benefits to theBoth the university and INL havefellowships to 12 students fromgraduate fellows, the universitiesthe opportunity for joint publica-universities throughout theand the lab. Throughout thetions and intellectual property.United States. These studentsprogram, the graduate fellows represent the third cohort in theinteract and collaborate with theirGraduate fellows are selected in program, which started in 2017.INL mentors and their universitydegree fields that closely align The typical graduate fellowshipthesis advisers. This allows INLwith INLs three mission areas of lasts between three and fiveto integrate students into theinnovative nuclear energy solu-years. Recipients have tuition andlaboratory and provides graduatetions, other clean energy options fees covered by their universityfellows the opportunity to workand critical infrastructure.during their first years of gradu- on significant projects that help ate school. Tuition and fees plusthem fulfill their thesis research a $60,000 annual salary are paidrequirements. INL gains access by INL during the last two years,to skilled staff, along with the as they perform their doctoralopportunity to build long-term research at the lab.collaborations with universities.11 |University Partnerships'