b'CYBERCORE SUMMER CAMP STEM EDUCATION PRACTICUMSThe third year of CybercoreINL supports STEM educationPracticums offer opportunities for Summer Camp, a collaborationin public schools and partnersstudents to apply what they learn between INL and College ofwith universities in a number ofin the classroom to an actual Eastern Idaho, saw it expand intoprograms. Partnering with Idahowork situation, supervised and two sessions, one for beginners State University and Partners forguided by a professional. The and the second for more advancedProsperity, an eastern Idaho non- opportunities let managers students. It was also the first yearprofit organization, INL helpedevaluate students and their the campwhich is aimed at highcreate the Energy Systemspotential for future employment school students interested inTechnology and Education Centerat the lab. Radiation control cybersecurityopened to local(ESTEC), part of ISUs Collegetechnician students from College middle school and high schoolof Technology. ESTEC worksof Eastern Idaho frequently job teachers who wanted to learn moreclosely with utilities and vendorsshadow professionals at INLs about cybersecurity. Lessons theto help its graduates enter theMaterials & Fuels Complex and first week presume nothing moreworkforce with skills requiredHealth Physics Instrument than basic computer knowledge.by employers. These can be inLaboratory. At the most local In the second week, students willthe energy sectorsnuclear,level, practicums help University learn about cybersecurity andelectrical, oil and gas, renewablesPartnerships meet its goal of hacking in more detail. While INL and allied manufacturing, alsofinding the best talent available. recruits cybersecurity expertisein cybersecurity. Students learnIn 2019, INL hosted 13 practicum from around the world, the labthrough traditional classroomstudents. By year-end, one of supports the idea of offering localexperience and sophisticatedthose students had accepted a students world-class opportunitieslaboratory exercises. full-time position at INL, bringing in the field. the total hired since 2014 to 24.ESTEC Interns University INL Organization* INL Mentor ProgramMichael Braun Idaho State University ATR Veryl Kirkpatrick Nuclear Operations TechnologyNathan Hansen Idaho State University ATR Veryl Kirkpatrick Nuclear Operations TechnologyJayden Yost Idaho State University ATR Kevin Pace Nuclear Operations TechnologySpencer Orr Idaho State University ATR Kevin Pace Nuclear Operations TechnologyParker Jones College of Eastern Idaho MFC Terry Smith Energy Systems TechnologyJacob Kuns Idaho State University MFC Robert Neibert Instrumentation Engineering TechnologyJessica Hamway Idaho State University MFC Terry Smith Instrumentation Engineering TechnologyBritton Schow College of Eastern Idaho MFC Keith Keller Electrical Engineering TechnologyDerek Zohner Idaho State University N&HS Ralph Ley Cyber-physical SecurityKathryn Fetzer Idaho State University N&HS Ralph Ley Cyber-physical SecurityTravis Malzahn Idaho State University N&HS Ralph Ley Cyber-physical SecurityHayleigh McMurtrey College of Eastern Idaho IM Lee Kerns Energy Systems TechnologyKeth Galloway Idaho State University F&SS Cory Johnson Energy Systems Mechanical Engineering* ATR: Advanced Test Reactor, MFC: Materials and Fuels Complex, N&HS: National and Homeland Security, IM: Information Management, F&SS: Facilities & Site Services2019 Annual Report| 18'