b'Joint Appointee Helps INL Win R&D 100 AwardDr. Milos Manic, a joint appointee from Virginia Commonwealth University, was a member of the INL research team that won a 2018 R&D 100 Award for Autonomic Intelligent Cyber Sensor (AICS), an artificialJOINT APPOINTMENTS BY UNIVERSITYintelligence solution aimed atBoise State University 1protecting the nations criticalIdaho State University 8infrastructure from cyberattack. Working autonomously throughJames Madison University 1machine learning to identify andMassachusetts Institute of Technology 3map industrial control systems,North Carolina State University 3AICS can detect irregularities inOhio State University1network traffic and alert operatorsOregon State University2or stop hackers altogether by deploying virtual decoys. University of Alaska 1University of Florida 2University of Idaho 7University of Nebraska 1Joint Appointee ReceivesUniversity of Nevada 1Presidential HonorUniversity of Texas, San Antonio 1Dr. Christopher Zarzana receivedUniversity of Wisconsin 1the Presidential Early CareerUniversity of Wyoming 1Award for Scientists andVirginia Commonwealth University 1Engineers (PECASE) on July 2,Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State12019. Zarzana is an outgoing INLUniversityjoint appointee with Idaho State University specializing in quantitative mass spectrometry measurements of the nuclear fuel cycles trace chemical and isotopic signatures. He first joined INL in 2013 as a postdoctoral researcher. Since 2014, he has been an R&D scientist in the National & Homeland Security directorate.2019 Annual Report| 20'