b'Employee EducationTrending Upward TOP 5 DEGREES PURSUED IN 2019INL employees now have access to more educational2 opportunities than ever before.doctoratesLab employees at all levels are encouraged to seek degrees, continue their studies, and pursue professional licensing and29 certification. To help make thismasters 1733 masters masters 5doctoratespossible, INL covers tuition anddoctoratesfees from accredited institutions. 13910 6bachelors masters mastersWhen working full time andbachelors 12 pursuing a degree, persistence isbachelors bachelorskey. After investing in an employees31 23 16 15 15education, INL plans to reap theTechnology Business Business Computer Mechanicalbenefit by keeping employeesManagement Administration Management Science Engineeringat the lab. In 2019, the graduatedegrees degrees degrees degrees degreesretention rate for employee education recipients was 97%.Based on trends, INL anticipatesPARTICIPANTS PURSUING DEGREESa continued participation growth in employee education. In 2019,Doctorates 37there were 259 employees seeking degrees, a 10% increase over 2018. The number of associate degree pursuitsMasters 108doubled from three to six, bachelors degrees showed a 9% decrease (102 down from 112) and advanced degree effortsBachelors 102increased. This included a 20% increase in masters degrees (from 93 to 112) and a 44%Associates 5increase in doctoral pursuits (from 27 to 39).Continuing Education Certi\x1fcates 6321 |University Partnerships'