b'Joint Appointments: Program 2017 2018 201936 people, 17 institutions Academic Visitors 5 4 6By bringing in distinguishedEmployee Education 239 291 315researchers from high- Faculty Researchers/Teaming Teachers 9 8 12ranking universities, the JointINL Graduate Fellows 11 24 37Appointment Program links INL with the brightest mindsInternational Researchers 13 13 6in academia and widens theInterns 344 369 470research horizons for the future.Joint Appointments 23 29 36The Joint Appointment ProgramPostdoctoral Researchers 42 54 68grew by 24% in 2019. Practicums 7 8 13International Researchers:Total 693 800 9636 people, 2 institutionsINL provides internationalexperience, this is also anTeachers is a professional researchers many opportunitiesopportunity for cross-culturaldevelopment program that to collaborate with its researchersoutreach and understanding.takes place during the summer. and scientists. Along with theExchange participants hone theirK-12 educators work with INL professional skills, strengthenscientists and technical experts their English language abilities,on research projects relevant to and experience life in the Unitedthe subjects they teach.States, all while teaching us aboutEmployee Education/their own cultures. Workforce Development: Academic Visitors: 315 people, 43 institutions6 people, 4 institutionsTo help employees grow and Visiting researchers can partici- succeed at their jobs, INL is pate in a variety of INL activities,willing to cover tuition and fees which include guest lectures,from accredited institutions research collaborations, educationfrom across the United States. and mentoring of INL staff, andLab employees are encouraged discussions of mutual interest.to continue their education, Faculty Researchers/ pursue advanced degrees, Teaming Teachers: and seek professional licenses 12 people, 7 institutions and certifications. INL strongly supports local colleges INL promotes an interactiveand universities, believing culture, fostering creativity andthat expanded opportunity enhancing research collaborationcontributes to a more stable2019 Intern Summer Poster Session Participants between INL, research facultiesand productive workforce.and Idaho schools. Teaming 2019 Annual Report| 4'