b'Research & RelationshipsINLs University Partnerships sawtechnology innovation. Oregon2019 GROWTHincreases in all programs, withState University earned $250,000 meaningful growth in the internfor Accelerating the Experimen-population (27%), Joint Appoint- tal Mission of VTR Through AnUPments (24%) and PostdoctoralEx-Pile Operational Program,27% UP UPResearchers (26%). The finalwhile Massachusetts Institute of26%number of interns in 2019 was 470,Technology received $375,000 for24%with 1,836 applicants from 249Molten Salt Sweep Gas Control different colleges and universities. Analysis, and Capture System to NUC Schools Receive Support VTR Experiments. VTR Funding Along with OSU and MIT, the Two partner institutions in INLsNUC includes North Carolina National University ConsortiumState University, the Ohio State (NUC) received awards in FiscalUniversity and the University of Year 2019 to develop instru- New Mexico. Its purpose is to mentation and tools for thefoster academic relationships that proposed Versatile Test Reactorenable INL and the newly formedInterns Joint Postdoc(VTR), whose mission will be toNational Reactor InnovationAppointments Researchersgenerate fast neutrons for exper- Center (NRIC) to develop and test iments that lead to new nuclearnew nuclear reactor technologies. In 2019, MIT also coordinated a Versatile Test Reactor (VTR) Model Heat Storage for Gen IV Reactorsunder Irradiation (TETI), an Energy for Variable Electricity fromFrontier Research Center in the Baseload Reactors workshop,Department of Energys Basic Thermocouple sponsored by INL and Exelon.Energy Science program. To The workshop involved DOEsaddress the complexity of irradi-Gas Line Solar Energy Technologies Office,ation-induced defects in nuclear which is investigating the possi- fuels, TETI is conducting first bility of using advanced nuclearprinciples research in electron and reactors for heat storage andphonon transport, with the goal Graphite Screw peak generating capacity. of developing a comprehensive, Fuel Body Lid INL Postdocs atom-to-mesoscale understanding Participate in TETI of phonon and electron transport Fuel Stack in advanced nuclear fuels. Besides Matrix Material Two of INLs Russell L. HeathINL, researchers in TETI come from Distinguished PostdoctoralAir Force Research Laboratory, Associates, Dr. Amey KhanolkarColumbia University, Oregon State and Dr. Cody Dennett, and INLUniversity, Oak Ridge National Insulators postdoctoral researchers Dr. XiaxinLaboratory, Purdue University and Ding and Dr. Miaomiao Jin, haveUniversity of Central Florida.19-GA50603 become involved with the Center for Thermal Energy Transport 5 |University Partnerships'