INTRODUCTION Located in southeastern Idaho, Idaho National Laboratory works to secure the world’s energy future through advancing nuclear energy, securing and modernizing critical infrastructure, and enabling clean energy deployment. Often this work is made possible throughcollaborationswithresearchersandorganizationsacrossthecountry.FromresearchagreementsinFloridatocollaborative publications with Alaska, INL’s collaboration and impact extends far past Idaho’s borders. InFY-18(October2017toSeptember2018),INLworkedon206researchagreements.Thisnumberisprimarilymadeupofaspecific type of research agreement, Strategic Partnership Projects, which cover performance work, such as applied engineering research and development for partners outside of the Department of Energy. Additionally, INL welcomed 369 interns representing universities in 35 states in FY-18.These interns worked on projects across all INL directorates, and many presented the results of their work at INL during INL’s Intern Expo. Finally,INLjointlypublished475peer-reviewedarticlesandconferencepapersinjournalssuchasNatureEnergyandatconferences like the North American Power Symposium.This participation in the larger scientific and research community continue to bolster INL’s reputation as a leading national laboratory. In these pages you’ll read about INL’s impact in all 50 states and be able to see INL’s wide-reaching impact. For more information about INL’s ongoing work, please visit 4 | INL 50 STATES IMPACT 2018