SAT and ACT Prep The SAT and ACT are very important when applying to college. Here are some tips and tricks your child can use when preparing for the SAT and ACT: 1. Become familiar with the details – Understanding the test structure, instructions and types of questions will help prepare your child for success. For more details, visit and collegereadiness. . 2. Practice, practice, practice – Take advantage of the practice full-length tests. In high school, your child is most likely going to take a practice SAT. There are also online practice tests for the ACT and SAT on their websites. 3. Start reading – Get your child a prep book that will help them prepare. ACT and SAT both have official prep books on their websites. 4. Find a class or tutoring – If your child is struggling with studying on their own, enroll them in a prep class or consider a private tutor. Many schools offer after-school programs or study groups. 5. Memorize – Have your child memorize basic math formulas and concepts.The SAT lists some formulas during the exam, but the ACT exam does not. How to Apply for College 1. During their junior year, have your child tour different college campuses. This will help them decide on a college that fits their career interests. 2. Have your child fill out college applications. For examples, visit and 3. Check if the colleges your child is interested in applying to use the Common Application. This allows students to apply for more than 750 schools nationwide, including the University of Idaho, with just one application. For more information, visit 4. If required, have them write the admissions essay. 5. Make sure the colleges have received the required records from your child’s high school and the necessary ACT and SAT scores. 6. Make sure your child’s financial aid application is turned in before the deadline. 7. Make a choice! After receiving acceptance letters, have your child choose which college best suits them. Have them ask for teachers, and former classmates’advice about the colleges. 11