Turn School Setbacks into Success Students who fail may feel discouraged and believe they don’t have the skills to succeed. Or they may be so afraid to fail that they don't even try. But making mistakes, messing up and being wrong are all just a part of life! 1. Everyone fails – Help your child understand that even successful people make mistakes or hit a dead end sometimes. Talk to them about a time you failed at something on your first try or a story that describes a similar situation. Explain how you overcame it and what you did to eventually become successful. 2. Try again – Your child didn't fail. The plan, work or performance failed. Remind them that it might not have turned out like they expected, but you know that they are capable of succeeding. 3. Troubleshoot – When your child experiences a setback, try and diagnose what the problem could possibly be. What went wrong and why? Have them think of ways that could solve the problem and approach the situation differently. Help your child apply what they've learned from failure and try again. This will not only prepare them for school, but for life as well. Handy Homework Help Many students need guidance when doing homework. Here are a few online resources that can assist your child in their studies: • ck-12.org • cliffsnotes.com • infoplease.com • khanacademy.org • kids.gov • shmoop.com • howstuffworks.com • nasa.gov • discoveryeducation.com • shodor.org/interactivate • codeacademy.com 5