Spark STEM Inspiration Online Activities Online resources can increase your child’s understanding and performance in STEM. Some interactive websites are (provides free student resources), (makes the math connection with four interactive online learning adventures), askdruniverse.wsu. edu (answers students’tough and smart questions), and stem-works. com (contains all things STEM). Go Outside Go anywhere local and examine the wildlife around you. Look at the birds and bugs and try to identify what species they are. During evenings, look at the stars and moon, or study the constellations and moon phases. Learn Together Parents have the opportunity to learn alongside their children when doing activities and should not be afraid to have questions themselves. Encourage your children to ask questions when they want to know something. These questions can often be easily answered online or through printed resources. STEM Apps There are some cool STEM apps that can help your child learn and engage in the realm of STEM. Many of these apps are free or cost as little as $3. Just download the apps on a tablet, phone or computer. Engineering and Inventions • Crazy Gears • Simple Machines by Tinybop • The Robot Factory by Tinybop • Inventioneers Full Version • littleBits Invent • Trainyard • Minecraft - Pocket Edition • World of Goo • Autodesk Digital STEAM Applied Mechanics Coding and Robotics • Codeable Crafts • Blockly for Dash & Dots Robots • Tickle • Sphero Edu • Swift Playgrounds • Cargo-Bot You can incorporate STEM activities into your child’s life in many ways. The following are some creative, fun ideas: Laboratory at Home Everyday things in your home can make a creative environment for children to learn about STEM. Have your child get involved in cooking by adding different ingredients to change the taste. You can ask,“Why does the egg look different once it's in the frying pan?”For more food chemistry, visit sciencekiddo. com/kitchen-science/ . Log on to to have children learn about various coding exercises. Coding is writing instructions a computer needs in order to function. Legos are another great way for your child to engage in fun STEM activities. For awesome Lego activities, visit thestemlaboratory. com/lego-stem-activities/ . 8