FAFSA is a Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is one of the most important things your child can do to get financial aid for college. Even though forms of this type may appear daunting, if you follow these simple steps, the process will be easy: Step 1: Gather all of the necessary information. • Your child’s driver's license and Social Security number. • Your phone number and Social Security number. • Your federal income tax returns. • W-2 forms. • Bank statements. • Information about your investments (real estate, money market funds, stocks, etc.). Step 2: Create an account. • You and your child will need to provide a password and username, which is considered an FSA ID. Step 3: Fill out the application. • Fill out each designated section. Step 4: Sign and submit your FAFSA! • You and your child must sign the FAFSA form. • Once the form has been submitted, it will process within three to five business days. Toapply,gotoFAFSA.gov,submityourapplicationassoonaspossible.The deadlineisOct.1everyyear.Collegeandstatedeadlinesalsomustbetaken intoconsideration.Applyannuallytoensureyourconsiderationinreceiving financialaid. 3. Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Foundation Awards – programs.shpe.org/ scholarships : For students of Hispanic descent. 4. Hispanic Scholarship Fund Awards – hsf.net : For students studying a broad spectrum of disciplines. 5. The Google Lime Scholarship – google.com/edu/students : Google offers $10,000 scholarships to computer science students with disabilities. 6. The Generation Google Scholarship – google.com/ edu/students : Google offers $10,000 scholarships to underrepresented groups. 7. The National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarship – training.nih. gov/programs : Up to $20,000 awarded to disadvantaged students in biomedical, behavioral and social science health-related research. 8. Microsoft Scholarships – careers.microsoft.com : Scholarships are given to minorities and people with disabilities. How to Apply for FAFSA 13