b'Who is involved in the Carbon Free Power Project:Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) is a project-basedorganization that provides a variety of power supply, transmission and other services to its 46 members, which include public power utilities in six Western states: Utah, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Wyoming. UAMPS has proposed building an SMR plant to provide a source of reliable, clean electricity to its members.NuScale Power is an Oregon-based company developing the small modularreactor plant for the Carbon Free Power Project. The NuScale SMR is the first There are60 to begin the process of getting Nuclear Regulatory Commission approval. The companys technology is a new modular light water nuclear reactor that can sites or locations in30be used to generate carbon-free electricity but also for applications such as U.S. states chemical processing. where 98commercial U.S. Department of Energy is the federal agency responsible for research and reactors are operating development related to nuclear energy. DOE owns the 890-square-mile complex west of Idaho Falls that houses Idaho National Laboratory research facilities and other federal work. The DOE Idaho Operations Office manages the process for siting the SMR project on its land.5'