Nuclear Science User Facilities 14 FOCUS ON NEW STAFF Nuclear Science User Facilities (NSUF) researchers access the Nuclear Fuels and Materials Library to locate irradiated material and fuel samples for further experimenta- tion. Kelly Cunningham is charged with keeping the library information current, relevant to the NSUF mission, and available to researchers. The Nuclear Fuels and Materials Library is owned by the U.S. Depart- ment of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE) and curated by the NSUF.The Library is a collection of specialized information and nuclear fuel and material specimens from past and ongoing irradiation test campaigns, real-world components retrieved from decommissioned power reactors, and donations from other sources. Cunningham’s role when joining the NSUF was to transform the information contained in multiple spreadsheets into an online library to provide intuitive access to users. “Taking on a brand new project that had the potential to make researchers’ lives easier was exciting,” Cunningham said. “I like being the person who works with specialists to resolve any issues a researcher has when using the library.” Cunningham is used to tackling new challenges. Upon earning her degree in radiographic science, she worked for a few years as a radiographic and MRI technologist in health sciences. She joined Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC in 2004 and initially worked at the Materials and Fuels Complex as a Health Physics Technician. Over time, she worked in a variety of laboratory mission areas, including National & Homeland Security, before joining the NSUF. “The best part of my time with Idaho National Laboratory (INL) has been the people,” Cunningham said. “Working with really supportive people on interesting and important projects keeps me engaged.” The original materials database contained approximately 3,500 specimens, including legacy materials, volunteered materials, and NSUF project specimens. Most specimens had been neutron irradiated; some were proton irradiated.The spread- sheets were eventually consolidated and migrated into an online database with the help of an NSUF dedicated information management specialist. Kelly Cunningham Coordinator for the Nuclear Fuels and Materials Library