2016 | ANNUAL REPORT 63 Future Activities All the experimental activities have been completed. Some data analyses are still in progress. Publications [1.] S. Pasebani, I. Charit,Y.Wu, J. Burns, K. N. Allahar, D. P. Butt, J. I. Cole, and S. F. Alsagabi, “Lan- thana-Bearing Nanostructured Ferritic Steels via Spark Plasma Sintering,” Journal of Nuclear Materials 470 (2016), pp. 297–306. [2.] S. Pasebani, I. Charit, D. P. Butt, J. I. Cole,Y. Q.Wu, J. Burns,“Sinter- ing Behavior of Lanthana-Bearing Nanostructured Ferritic Steel Con- solidated via Spark Plasma Sinter- ing,” Advanced Engineering Materials 18.2 (2016), pp. 324–332. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to use the advanced tools/techniques available at MaCS to achieve our project objectives. — Indrajit Charit, Associate Professor,Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering,University of Idaho Distributed Partnership at a Glance NSUF and Partners Facilities and Capabilities Center for Advanced Energy Studies Microscopy and Characterization Suite Collaborators Boise State University Jatuporn Burns (co-principal investigator), Yaqiao Wu (collaborator) Texas A&M University Lin Shao (co-principal investigator) University of Idaho Indrajit Charit (principal investigator), Ankan Guria (team member - student), Somayeh Pasebani (team member - student) [3.] S. Pasebani*, A. Guria*, J. Burns, Y.Wu, I. Charit, D. P. Butt, J. L. Cole, L. Shao and L. Price, “Microstructural and Nanome- chanical Characteristics of an Ion-Irradiated Lanthana-Bearing Nanostructured Ferritic Steel,” Accelerated Materials Evaluation for Nuclear Application Utilizing Test Reactors, Ion Beam Facilities and Integrated Modeling, TMS Annual Meeting, held Feb. 14–18, 2016 at Nashville,TN. *See additional publications from other years in the Media Library on the NSUF website.