2016 | ANNUAL REPORT 71 Figure 2. Spinodal decomposition Cr fluctuation wavelength vs. irradiation dose. Project Description The proposed study aims to provide a more fundamental and advanced knowledge of the irradiation response in austenitic stainless steel and cast stainless steel at LWR end- of-life (EOL) relevant conditions.To extend the service lifetime of LWRs beyond 60 years, the integrity of reactor components and the perfor- mance of structural materials must be evaluated adequately.The antici- pated neutron dose on LWR internal structural material can be 50 dpa or above.The accurate assessment and prediction of materials performance under anticipated operating condi- tions are of particular importance for ensuring the safe operation of nuclear power plants, particularly at such high anticipated dose. As nuclear power plants age and neutron fluence increases, detrimental effects resulting from radiation damage and related degradation of the structural integrity of core internal compo- nents have become an increasingly important regulatory concern for the reactor license renewal.The proposed research is well aligned with the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy’s (DOE-NE) Sustainability of LWRs program and evaluating the materials’ integrity is a key need for considering the life extension for the existing LWRs.