Nuclear Science User Facilities 98 NSUF INDEX NSUF & Partners/ Facilities & Capabilities Argonne National Laboratory: 30,36, 37,43,44,45,73,86,88,89,92,93,95 Argonne National Laboratory: IntermediateVoltage Electron Microscopy (IVEM)-Tandem Facility,36,39,43 Brookhaven National Laboratory: 8,43 Brookhaven National Laboratory: National Synchrotron Light Source II,8 Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, 53,95 Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES): 6,18,22,25,30,33,44,54,55, 57,58,59,60,62,63,68,69,73,77,78, 80,85,87,88,89,91,93,95 Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES):Microscopy and Characterization Suite (MaCS),6,23,24,25,28,55,57,60,62, 63,88,93,96 Electric Power Research Institute: 8,40 GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy: 33,45 Idaho National Laboratory: 2,4,8,9, 14,19,20,25,26,27,30,33,39,44,45, 47,53,59,69,74,80,85,90,93,96 Idaho National Laboratory: AdvancedTest Reactor (ATR),7,8,11,12,25, 26,29,33,38,47,56,59,83,85,95 Idaho National Laboratory: Analytical Laboratory,2 Idaho National Laboratory: Electron Microscopy Laboratory,53,78,95 Idaho National Laboratory: Electron Microscopy Laboratory,53,78,95 Idaho National Laboratory: Hot Fuel Examination Facility (HFEF),39,45,85,96 Idaho National Laboratory: Irradiation- Assisted Stress Corrosion Cracking Facility,19 Idaho National Laboratory: Materials and Fuels Complex (MFC),2,4,8,14,20,33,39, 45,48,50,53,96 Idaho National Laboratory: Transient ReactorTest Facility (TREAT),8 Idaho State University: 21,33,43,45, 74,80 Illinois Institute ofTechnology: 30,33, 44,45,96 Los Alamos National Laboratory: 21, 43,45,54,55 Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology: 30,43,44,96 Massachusetts Institute ofTechnology: MIT Nuclear Materials Laboratory,43 North Carolina State University: 30,44, 45,96 Oak Ridge National Laboratory: 30,33, 44,45,67,68,69,90,97 Oak Ridge National Laboratory: High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR),33,96 Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Low Activation Materials Design and Analysis Laboratory (LAMDA),33,96 Oak Ridge National Laboratory: ORNL Gamma Irradiation Facility,33 Oregon State University: 22,33,45 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: 15,30,45 Purdue University: 25,30,33,43,44,56 Texas A & M University: 43, 45, 60, 62, 63 University of California, Berkeley: 30, 44,45,48,50,53 University of California, Berkeley: Nuclear Materials Laboratory,50,53 Colorado School of Mines: 21,33,45 University of Florida: 26,29,33,45,70, 73 University of Idaho: 18,22,45,60,63 University of Illinois: 45,67 University of Michigan: 30,92 University of Michigan: Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory,33,41,42,43, 59,91 University of Nevada LasVegas: 16,30, 44,45 University ofTennessee: 43,45,64,65, 67 University of Wisconsin: 26,30,43,44, 66,67 University of Wisconsin: Tandem Accelerator Ion Beam,33,67 Vanderbilt University, 33 Westinghouse: 30,33,44 Westinghouse: Materials Center of Excellence Laboratories (MCOE) Hot Cell Facility, 30