2016 | ANNUAL REPORT 37 NEW NSUF PARTNER FACILITY IVEM-TANDEM The Nuclear Science User Facilities (NSUF) welcomed in fiscal year (FY) 2016 a new partner facility, the Intermediate Voltage Electron Microscopy (IVEM)- Tandem Facility at Argonne National Laboratory.The IVEM-Tandem Facility combines ion beam irradiation capability with in-situ characterization using a transmission electron micro- scope.A total dose of 100 dpa can be achieved in about a day. The IVEM is one of two similar facilities in the United States and is one of only five in the world. It has the unique ability to image the changes in microstructure and defect formation during irradiation at high magnification.The IVEM interfaces with an ion beamline incident from above at 30 degrees to the electron beam, allowing in-situ irradiations during observation under controlled sample and diffracting conditions. Capabilities include continuous recording to provide real-time observation of defect formation and evolution during irradiation and well controlled experimental conditions (constant specimen orientation and area, specimen temperature, ion type, ion energy, dose rate, dose, and applied strain).A radiological facility, the Irradiated Materials Laboratory (IML), located in the same building as the IVEM-Tandem, can receive, handle, prepare, and store radioactive samples. For more information on the IVEM- Tandem Facility, visit the NSUF website at https://nsuf.inl.gov or the Argonne National Laboratory’s facility page at http://www.ne.anl.gov/ivem/.