2016 | ANNUAL REPORT 59 Burns.At the Michigan Ion Beam Labo- ratory at the University of Michigan, the students were assisted by Ovidiu Toader , Fabian Naab, and the graduate students employed there. Future Activities Our future work involves developing a rate theory model to predict the irradiation evolution of oxide and Si-Mn-Ni nanoclusters.This model will consider the RIS mechanism as the driver of Si, Mn, and Ni clustering on existing oxides, and will predict the long-term co-evolution of the Si-Mn-Ni-enriched oxide clusters. Publications [1.] M. J. Swenson and J. P.Wharry. “Standardizing atom probe cluster analysis methods: voltage and reconstruction considerations.” Submitted manuscript. [2.] J. P.Wharry, M. J. Swenson, and K. H.Yano. “A review of the irradi- ation evolution of dispersed oxide nanoparticles in b.c.c. Fe-Cr alloys: current understanding and future directions.” Submitted manuscript. [3.] M. J. Swenson and J. P.Wharry. “Collected data set size consid- erations for atom probe cluster analysis.” Microscopy & Microanalysis 22.S3 (2016) 690. [4.] C. K. Dolph, D. J. DaSilva*, M. J. Swenson, and J. P.Wharry. “Plastic zone size for nanoindentation of irradiated Fe‑9wt% Cr ODS al- loy.” Journal of Nuclear Materials 481 (2016) 33. *undergraduate [5.] M. J. Swenson, C. K. Dolph, and J. P.Wharry. “The effects of oxide evolution on mechanical proper- ties in irradiated 9wt% Cr ODS alloy.” Journal of Nuclear Materials 479 (2016) 426. *See additional publications from other years in the Media Library on the NSUF website. Distributed Partnership at a Glance NSUF and Partners Facilities and Capabilities Center for Advanced Energy Studies Microscopy and Characterization Suite Idaho National Laboratory AdvancedTest Reactor Facility University of Michigan Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory Collaborators Boise State University Janelle Wharry (principal investigator), Matthew Swenson (collaborator), Corey Dolph (collaborator)