2016 | ANNUAL REPORT 47 NSUF AWARDED PROJECTS An AdvancedTest Reactor National Scientific User Facility Program could serve a key role in reestablishing the U.S. scientific and nuclear industrial base that is needed for building a new generation of nuclear power plants in the United States and in ensuring the safety of the existing nuclear power plants. Establishing the AdvancedTest Reactor as a National Scientific User Facility will help reassert U.S. leadership in nuclear science and technology and would expand the scientific foundation for fuels and materials to improve nuclear energy systems. It would also align with the President’s American Competitive Initiative and strengthen nuclear engineering education in the United States. – U.S. Department of Energy Memo: Designation of INL ATR as a National Scientific User Facility April 13, 2007 Flashback: NSUF History This section contains reports on projects awarded through the NSUF and completed in FY 2016.