b'O V E R V I E W O F T H E L A B O R A T O R Y P L A N 2 0 1 9I N T E G R AT E D F U E L C YC L E S O LU T I O N ST he future of nuclear energyAdvanced-reactor fuels development and requires effective and integratedplanned advanced-reactor demonstration fuel cycle solutions, both toprojects require HALEU, defined as sustain the current reactor fleet, andcontaining between 5% and 20% (wt) enable its replacement and expansionfissile content. INLs RD&D efforts seek to with advanced reactors. The integrateddevelop options for future fuel cycles and fuel cycle approach requires a science,the production of HALEU using recovery technology, and infrastructure base formethods that do not rely on access to (1) the availability of special nuclearhighly enriched uranium. Coupled with material for fuel-fabrication needsRD&D on advanced reactors, INL seeks to support the demonstration ofto improve energy competitiveness and new advanced reactors, and (2) theminimize UNF and secondary waste, while management and disposition of existingreducing proliferation risk. and future radiological waste materials. 10'