b'Agreement ManagementThe Agreement Management organization is responsible forLeading the process to determine appropriate agreement several functions, including:mechanisms, andPreparation, negotiation and execution of all funds comingManaging expectations of technical leads, principal to INL through collaboration agreements with industry,investigators, managerial staff and sponsors related to the academia and other government agencies to advance INLsimplementation of sound contracting practices .mission objectives,2019 Agreement MechanismsAgreement Purpose/Use Funding Benefits RequirementsCooperativeCollaborativePrivate and/Collaborative research efforts with Substantial U .S . manufacturing Research andresearch betweenor federalfunding by the lab and the partner requirements (or benefit to U .S .) DevelopmentINL and publicfundsFive year data protection for projects embodying CRADA Agreementand/or privategenerated intellectual property(CRADA)entities for the Designed for multiparty collaborative 90-day advance payment mutual benefit ofresearch . when privately fundedthe parties Government-use license to generated IP Approval by DOEStrategicAllows INLPrivate or Access:Highly specialist or unique Sponsor pays full costs Partnershipto performfederalDOE facilities, services or technicalrecoveryProjects mission-related(federalexpertise; helps private entities to No exclusive third-party reimbursablesourcesaccomplish technology goals that maylicense to protect generated work throughotherwise be unattainable IP unless manufactured in the Reimbursablenonfederal Inventions: IP ownership subjectsubstantially in the U .S .work forsponsor) to project parameters; transfer INL businesses andtechnologies to marketplace for further 90-day advance paymentother nonfederaldevelopment or commercializationentities Confidentiality: Generated data treated as proprietary when marked; partners proprietary information can be protected Strategic: Maintain core competencies and enhance INL science and technology baseProprietaryUser can havePrivate User may elect title to its Subject User Facilities are designated Usermerit-basedfunds Inventions by DOEAgreement access to User may protect generated data as Proprietary users pay full cost designatedproprietary recovery facilities to conduct its own Access to unique facilities and Users own their generated data proprietaryequipment so that users may conductand inventions, subject to no research their own proprietaryreserved government rightsNon- Users can haveN/ALab and user may elect their own User Facilities are designated Proprietarymerit-based accessSubject Inventions by DOEUserto designated Nonproprietary users engage in Unlimited government rights Agreement facilities andprecompetitive research and shareto generated dataperform non- the costs of their research with the proprietary research governmentExpected to publish data generated from the research12'