b'Open Source Software HighlightsINL has expanded efforts to release open source software (OSS),Woody Biomass Companion Markets Modelwhich is freely available to the public and open to collaborationThis simulation model projects the volume and price dynamics directly with researchers and engineers outside of the laboratory .between the biomass resource base and the different demand Fostering widespread distribution of this software can accelerateindustries, including intermediate processing and end-use adoption within industry and fuel innovation in other researchmarkets . This allows for a modeling of resource mobilization and organizations . INLs Technology Deployment group is definingprice developments over time given varying levels of market and refining an overarching strategy around open source andgrowth in various biofuel and bioenergy sectors .commercial releases to capitalize on the strengths of each . INLs open source software can be acquired free of cost at Thuy Nguyen, Damon Hartleyhttps://github .com/idaholab . Structured Threat Intelligence Graph Malcolm The Structured Threat Intelligence (STIG) tools ability to visualize Malcolm is a network traffic analysis tool that aims to extendrelationships between threat characteristics, exploit indicators and Molochan open source system for large-scale packetcourses of action is unparalleled for analyzing threat intelligence . capture and indexing with Elasticsearch as its underlying dataSTIG provides easy-to-use visual programming, facilitating the management platformwith native capabilities to also ingest,process of creating editing, analyzing and querying Structure parse, index, and search Bro logs; to provide multiple methodsThreat Intelligence eXpression with graph theoretic queries . by which data can be uploaded into the system; to use Kibana toJedediah Haileaugment Molochs built-in visualizations; and to provide a variety of options for deployment and configuration suitable for use in the field as well as in the lab .Seth GroverThe Woody Biomass Companion Markets Model will impact various bioenergy sectors.7'