b'Finalist technologies supported by INL: Idaho Innovation AwardsWaste-to-Energy Ionic Gasification Technology Three INL nominees were recognized at the 14th annual Idaho (Ionic Gasifier)Innovation Awards, presented during the Idaho Technology Cogent Energy Systems, Inc . with support from Idaho NationalCouncils Hall of Fame celebration . LaboratoryThe Advanced Electrolyte Model (AEM) was recognized Millions of small-scale waste producers lack a viable way toas a finalist in the Commercialized Innovation of the Year . process local waste on site, much less turn it into valuableDeveloped by Dr . Kevin Gering, AEM is a computer simulation products like electricity, fuels or chemicals . Cogents ionic gasifierprogram designed to give fast information on the properties can give businesses or communities, no matter how small orof complex electrolyte formulations and how they can remote, the ability to eliminate their waste streams on site whileinfluence the performance of batteries . AEM has been licensed generating electricity that they can use or sell . to universities and industrial users, including chemical and automotive companies and a major lithium-ion cell manufacturer . Peter Kong, Rodney Bitsoi, Dean Burt, Thomas DiSanto Commercialization efforts at INL have been led by Ryan Bills .HELICSDr. Henry Chu, a Directorate Fellow and the chief technology Pacific Northwest National Laboratory with support fromofficer of Defense Systems for National & Homeland Security at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), NationalINL, was honored as a finalist in the Innovator of the Year category . Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Argonne NationalDr . Chus main responsibilities are research and development, Laboratory (ANL), Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Sandiademonstration and manufacture of armor grade materials as well National Laboratories (SNL) and Idaho National Laboratory (INL) . as specialized protective systems and solutions for critical military Effectively designing, analyzing, and implementing modernand civilian infrastructures, facilities and installations .energy systems relies heavily on advanced modeling thatWireless radio Frequency signal Identification and protocol captures both the cyber and physical domains in combinedReverse Engineering, or WiFIRE, was recognized as a finalist in simulations . The Hierarchical Engine for Large-scale Infrastructurethe Early-Stage Innovation of the Year category . Co-developed Co-Simulation (HELICS) is a layered, high-performance, co- with the University of Utah School of Computing, WiFIRE is simulation framework that builds on the collective experiencea breakthrough technology that provides real-time wireless of multiple national labs . When modeling advanced features ofcommunications security by continuously monitoring the power and cyber-physical energy systems, HELICS utilizes thewireless spectrum . WiFIRE revolutionizes protection and input of the labs to ensure a highly accurate and precise outcome .analysis by including capabilities for real-time identification of multiple signal types used by different frequencies, tracing Idaho Technology Council Hall of Famesystem communication activities and reporting the presence of authorized and unauthorized wireless users .Idaho National Laboratory was inducted into the Idaho Technology Councils Hall of Fame in 2019 . The Hall of Fame recognizesFLC Regional Awards innovative technology leaders and companies that have made a significant contribution to Idahos technology community .Idaho National Laboratory was honored with two Federal Bestowed upon only two inductees each year, this honorLaboratory Consortium (FLC) Awards in 2019 in the Far West recognizes INL as a leader within the state of Idaho, promoting theRegion . The FLC is formally chartered and mandated by growth and development of the technology ecosystem, creatingCongress to promote, educate and facilitate technology transfer new and innovative systems, deploying emerging technologies andnationwide among more than 300 federal laboratories, research pioneering disruptive approaches to solving demanding issues . centers and agencies . INLs LoTempLene technology won in the Outstanding Technology Development Category . LoTempLene is a revolutionary electrochemical refining process that converts ethane from natural gas liquids into ethylene, the chemical building block used in making polymers in everything from cellphone cases to disposable diapers . LoTempLene has the potential to displace a process called steam cracking, the single most energy-consuming part of ethylene production .Dr . Kevin Gerings Advanced Electrolyte Model was also awarded an FLC Award in the Outstanding Commercialization Success category . INL has licensed AEM directly to two major automotive manufacturers, one of the top five global lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery manufacturers, a leading medical device manufacturer, a major overseas battery developer and end user, and other universities and laboratories . INL partnered with Cogent Energy Systems to nominate the Ionic Gasifier for the R&D 100 Awards, where it was recognized as a finalist.17'