b'encouraging research from diverse perspectivesfostering collaboration with international researchersproviding cross-cultural understanding and creativityInternational Researchers In 2019, INL hosted internationalINTERNATIONAL RESEARCHERS IN 2019researchers from the following DOEs Exchange Visitor Program,countries and institutions:in which INL takes part, provides collaboration opportunities forJapan: One researcher from international researchers, whoJapan Atomic Energy Agency can take full advantage of the(JAEA)labs resources. The program sponsors visitors on J-1 visas inSouth Korea: Five researchers1 5the following categories: from Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)Government visitorSpecialist INLs Multiculturals in Short-term scholar Leadership Council advocates Research scholar for international researchers by addressing practices and factors The Visitor Program is valuablethat impede inclusion. The to INLs scientific communityLeadership Council encouragesJapan Koreabecause it encourages researchAtomic Energy Atomic Energyall employees to use the INLAgency Research Institutefrom diverse perspectivesCultureWizard, an interactive and fosters collaboration withonline learning tool designed international researchers,to enhance cross-cultural providing cross-culturalcommunication, collaboration understanding and creativity. and interaction.2019 Annual Report| 16'