b'2020 - 2025DIRECTORATE GOALS Path to Impact: A One-Laboratory, One-Strategy ApproachDelivering the NS&T directorate strategic intent to enable nuclear energy sustainment and expanded deployment and advance integrated fuel cycle solutions requires deliberative and focused leverage of the broader INL activities, initiatives, and investments. Simply stated, the power of NS&T to translate core capabilities and core strategies into impact is based on synthesizing the totality of relevant assets at INL and those of our partners to focus on our stated goals and strategic intent. NS&T will take the lead role for INL in synthesizing the capabilities that will comprise NRIC, the programmatic research led by NS&T, laboratory-wide initiatives detailed in the INL Laboratory Plan, and capabilities stewarded across the five research directorates, creating a One-Lab, One-Strategy approach to disrupting and transforming the nuclear energy landscape. When synthesized to focus on delivering the five strategic INLs world-leading engineering research abilitiesgoals and 17 associated key outcomes, including tackling place it in an exceptionally well-defined positiontwo grand challenges, the investments, thought leadership, and core competencies linked to the laboratory initiatives to advance U.S. nuclear energy technologyand INL directorate strategies are singularly well-aligned to competitiveness.efficiently and effectively achieve the global impact sought. The NS&T One-Lab, One-Strategy approach enables this level of global impact.10'