b'2020 - 2025FY 2020-2021 KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORSEstablish leadership and frameworkEstablish non-nuclear microreactorDemonstrate accelerated, semi- for NRIC; begin deployment of new test bed at ESL. integral fuel testing in ATR.business model. Deliver C3; integrate C3 strategyDeliver additional 5 petaflops ofDeliver, through industrywith NRIC framework; establish thehigh-performance computingand academic collaboration,Nuclear Computational Resource(HPC) capacity.documentation necessary Center. Demonstrate loss-of-coolant to obtain Critical Decision 1(CD-1) for VTR.Complete design of TREAT wateraccident (LOCA) testing capability and sodium loops, and continuein TREAT and initiate the first Through GAIN, modernizeto expand and deliver TREATtests on accident tolerant fuel (ATF)contracting processes and currentto advance accident tolerant fuelconcepts in support of industry limitations related to terms anddevelopment. licensing activities.conditions to enable more effectiveComplete design of I-Loops for laboratory-industry partnerships.prototypic testing of pressurized water reactor (PWR) and boiling Prepare HALEU for microreactor demonstrations. water reactor (BWR) fuels in ATR.26'