Nuclear Science User Facilities 102 Further investigations on the remaining neutron-irradiated speci- mens that will help bridge the knowl- edge gap from simple model alloys to complex F/M alloys will be carried out through future funding from NSUF RTE projects, NSUF-access-only projects, and Nuclear Energy Univer- sity Program/Nuclear Energy Enabling Technology projects.Although efforts have been made to get microstruc- ture data (includingTEM,APT, PAS), nanoindentation, synchrotron WAXS/ SAXS tensile data on the same set of irradiated samples, there is still a long way to go to perform such coordi- nated experiments using the state-of- the-art facilities at different national labs.We will push forward with the PIE efforts to make such experiments happen to advance the understanding of radiation effects in ferritic and F/M alloys. Publications [1.] X. Liu,Y. Miao,Y.Wu, S.A. Maloy, J.F. Stubbins, “Stability of nano- clusters in an oxide dispersion strengthened alloy under neutron irradiation”, Scripta Materialia 138 (2018) 57–61. [2.] X. Zhang, M. Li, J.-S. Park, P. Ken- esei, J.Almer, C. Xu, J.F. Stubbins, “In situ high-energy X-ray diffrac- tion study of tensile deformation of neutron-irradiated polycrystal- line Fe-9%Cr alloy”,Acta Materia- lia 126 (2017) 67–76. [3.] W.-Y. Chen,Y. Miao, J. Gan, M.A. Okuniewski, S.A. Maloy, J.F. Stub- bins, “Neutron irradiation effects in Fe and Fe–Cr at 300ºC”,Acta Materialia 111 (2016) 407–416. [4.] X. Liu, K. Mo,Y. Miao, K.-C. Lan, G. Zhang,W.-Y. Chen, C.A. Tomchik, R. Seibert, J.Terry, J.F. Stubbins, “Investigation of ther- mal aging effects on the tensile properties of Alloy 617 by in-situ synchrotron wide-angle X-ray scattering”, Materials Science and Engineering:A 651 (2016) 55–62. [5.] W.-Y. Chen,Y. Miao,Y.Wu, C.A. Tomchik, K. Mo, J. Gan, M.A. Okuniewski, S.A. Maloy, J.F. Stubbins, “Atom probe study of irradiation-enhanced precipita- tion in neutron-irradiated Fe–Cr model alloys”, Journal of Nuclear Materials 462 (2015) 242–249.